At some point I'll do more with the site. But in the meantime, here are a few links.

As part of my parent's 50th wedding anniversay celebration, the desert island song collection was put together by "cousin in-law" Rob. Everyone was asked to provide 5 songs they wanted on a desert island. It is an interesting collection due mainly to the international nature and age ranges of the Andrews/Atkins Clans. Not being an english pop chart expert (or even a particularly knowledgable American chart expert), I did not know many of the songs and I wanted the playlist for the CDs. So anyway, I finally got a round tuit and put it together myself -- here they are:

There are some question marks on the list. While I got better at googling song lyrics as I went along, there were some that I just couldn't get. Also, I am also not positive about all the artists (particularly if the song was recorded by multiple artists). Please send me corrections if you have them (you can use michael at this domain).

I'm not very active on Facebook, but here's My Facebook Page. I'm on there at least once a year if only to acknowledge people sending me birthday wishes.

I'm involved with the Entech program at Greenville Tech. The program is open to all high school aged students in Greenville County, but many of the students are from the Greenville Tech Charter High School. This mostly involves being the programming mentor during the FIRST Robotics season. Entech is team 281 and was the first FIRST in South Carolina). This team is sponsored by Michelin to whom we are vary grateful.

Finally, I'm a big Linux fan and user (my initial installation was Redhat 3.0.3, current installation: Fedora 24). I've also been spotted at the local Linux Users Group.

This site is hosted by DomainAvenue. I don't have to mention this, but I do because for $25 US per year, they register your domain name, give you 10MB of web space with PHP, MySQL, and PERL (none of which I'm using), and (this was the kicker for me) unlimited email forwarding. They have also been very helpful whenever I've had to contact them.